Writing our vote in


Dean Turner, co-author of Writing Our Way Out, is featured in NBC News’ article about how Richmond is starting a post-felony voting revolution. Read it here: Millions of ex-cons lost their right to vote. Now they might get it back.


Coco’s Number Nightmare finds its way onto the Math Shelf!


Georgie Hanlin’s debut children’s book, Coco’s Number Nightmare, is featured in the Midwest Book Review’s Math Shelf! Read the review here.


A Call to Mind gains national media interest


Join author Claire Galloway in the conversation about TBI. Gain a base knowledge with the Houston Style Magazine article titled Ignored, Dismissed, and Misdiagnosed: Eight Things Every Parent Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury.


Don’t try this at home! Claire Galloway was featured on the podcast At Home to chat with hosts about her new book. Listen to “Week of January 13” and skip ahead to around 20:00 to go straight to her interview.


RTD’s “Book Notes” praises Sister Sorrow, Sister Joy

A recent Brandylane release, Sister Sorrow, Sister Joy by Mariah Robinson, was hailed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch as being “wise and witty.” Read the review in its entirety on the RTD website.



Dave Bauer rocks another Rewilding podcast


Dave Bauer, author of What’s Under That Rock, Papa? joins up with Brian Mertins of Nature Mentors for yet another awesome ReWilding Conversations podcast, “What Did We Learn About ReWilding In 2017?