Friday Adventures by PV Jackson

Follow two sisters on an unforgettable journey through Richmond!

It’s been years since Kate and Grace went on their last “Friday Adventure” with Dad, wandering around Richmond, doing interesting things, and having fun.

Since their father passed away, the sisters have left home to lead their own lives. Kate is studying biology in Costa Rica, and Grace is busy at college. Neither has much time to spend with family. . .or to mourn.

Then Grace receives a cryptic letter from Beyond, and a gift package: an old laptop with a video message from Dad.

Spoken from the grave, it seems he has one last Friday Adventure for his daughters—an unusual scavenger hunt through Richmond’s fascinating history, from Maymont to Macbeth, Swannanoa to Hollywood Cemetery, and beyond.

Kate and Grace will follow puzzling clues, find surprising connections, and reach the final prize. But most of all, they’ll work together and rediscover each other.


“An enchanting story of two Richmond sisters who must work together to decipher the mysterious clues that lead to hidden treasure—clues left by their father, who died the year before.”

Mary Miley, historian and author of the Roaring Twenties series