Coyote Summer by Margo Solod

For thirteen-year-old Jessie Silva, life on Bayberry Island is at its best in the summertime. That’s when the seasonal renters return to spend their vacations on the island, bringing with them Jessie’s best friend, Amanda. This year, though, change has come to Bayberry. For one thing, there’s a new girl among the summer visitors—a snotty New Yorker named Susan—and she’s driving a wedge between Jessie and Amanda. For another, there are rumors of coyotes roaming the tiny island, and the locals are talking about taking up arms to stop the animals from spreading.


Margo Solod is the author of Cuttyhunk: Life on the Rock, the story of her fifteen years as a cook and innkeeper on a small island, as well as four chapbooks and one book of poetry. After traveling the United States in a truck with her dog Jesse, she settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her partner and an assortment of rescue dogs. Coyote Summer is the first in the Summerhood Island series.

“A well-written tale about finding our humanity with the help of a few wild animals.”

New York Times best-selling author Chris Grabenstein