The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz: A Spiritual Odyssey by Christine Whitehead

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Dorothy and Toto’s incredible journey home never grows old. But where, exactly, is home? In The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz: A Spiritual Odyssey, Christine Whitehead teaches us that our own yellow brick road can lead us home to a world of discovery, joy, and personal fulfillment. Whitehead artfully balances the story of Dorothy and her friends with tidbits of wisdom that teach us about life, ourselves, and the choices we make. She adds quotes from fellow travelers—including Rosa Parks, Kahlil Gibran, Pink Floyd, and Elton John; Jesus Christ, Anne Frank, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey—and reminds us of the kindred spirits who walk with us.The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz is a chance to reminisce about the magical story we all know. It’s a chance to learn from these colorful, endearing characters and a chance to journey across the rainbow, reveal our wizard within, and discover where we belong. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

About the Author

Christine Whitehead’s work has captured the interest of PBS and other media for over two decades. She has lectured on medical intuiting and body scanning, and has served on stress and pain management committees for the medical community. She is working on her next book.


Praise for The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz

“Author Christine Whitehead draws upon the story and images of Frank L. Baum’s classicWizard of Oz books to illustrate bits of wisdom and insights regarding life and the choices we make in The Wondrous Wizdom Of Oz: A Spiritual Odyssey. Using the examples of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, even the Munchkins, principles and precepts are laid out and linked to words of wisdom and observation from the likes of Jesus, Rosa Parks, Kahlil Gibran, Ann Frank, and entertainers Pink Floyd, Elton John, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey. The Wondrous Wizdom Of Oz is a welcome addition to any personal self-help, self-improvement reading list.”

-The Midwest Book Review 


“Christine Whitehead has written a book that is deeply spiritual and is warm, funny and accessible. Many people love the movie The Wizard of Oz but may not have wondered if there is a deeper meaning to the story. Reading this book brings together the familiar with the yet undiscovered. I highly recommend this book.”

-Cassandra Matt on


“This book is such an inspiration! While reading this book, I learned so much about myself and realized there is so much left to learn. Ms. Whitehead really touched my soul with her ‘wondrous wizdom.'”

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