A Live Controversy: Autism and a Family’s Determination by Roxana and Joseph Hartmann

Roxana and Joseph Hartmann’s struggle for an equal education for their autistic child is as riveting as it is heart rending. For twenty years, they fought for their son, Mark, to be included in classrooms where he would not be treated differently because of his disability.

Flying Free: Life After Crisis by Dean Rush

In this thoughtful guide to dealing with life’s challenges, Pastor Dean Rush offers wise, spiritual counsel to men, women and families facing dramatic and often unexpected change in their lives.

Living Happily Ever After—Separately by Lise Stryker Stoessel

If your marriage isn't working and you're contemplating divorce, there might be a gentler, less expensive way to reclaim your life and happiness--and renew your relationship.

The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz: A Spiritual Odyssey by Christine Whitehead

Dorothy and Toto’s incredible journey home never grows old. But where, exactly, is home? In The Wondrous Wizdom of Oz: A Spiritual Odyssey, Christine Whitehead teaches us that our own yellow brick road can lead us home to a world of discovery, joy, and personal fulfillment.