A Better Man: True American Heroes Speak to Young Men and Women on Love, Power, Pride, and What It Really Means to Be A Man (2nd Edition)

The journey from childhood to manhood is a momentous and often difficult time in every boy’s life. Never has this transition been more challenging than it is today. In addition to the perennial trials of peer pressure, hormones and popularity, young men must now grapple with a media-saturated culture that places enormous emphasis on physical appeal, material wealth and celebrity status.

A Rose for Raymonde

by Wade H. Foy

So begins A Rose for Raymonde, the true story of a young Swiss nurse who immigrated to the United States and found love with a U.S. Navy Reserve officer in 1950s New York. Complete with photographs and personal letters, this book chronicles their lives before their paths crossed and after.

DAMAGE DISCOUNT! Wildlife’s Greatest Connection: A Mother and Her Young

Throughout his life, award-winning wildlife photographer Ken Conger has visited dozens of national parks and wildlife refuges, documenting the candid behaviors of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside?

by Terri Sebastian

This bedtime story book is full of animals and pirates. Along with the spider that needs leggins, author Terri Sebastian introduces readers to a silly old polka dot cat, a lady moose all dressed in red, and the pirate that lives in a closet inside a shoe with his crewmate, a little brown mouse.

Early American Garden Bouquets

by Julia Smith Berrall

In this expertly compiled and visually captivating history, Julia Smith Berrall traces the ever-changing relationship between Americans and their gardens from the 17th century through the Victorian era.

Humanizing Prostate Cancer: A Physician-Patient Perspective

by Roger E. Schultz, M.D., Physician and Alex W. Oliver, Patient

In this third edition of Humanizing Prostate Cancer, urologist Roger Schultz and prostate cancer survivor Alex W. Oliver continue their mission to help men and their families understand and cope with prostate cancer.

Simon and the Worry Watch

by Susan M. Brown

Simon is excited about his first day of preschool, but he is also a little bit worried! All day long, Simon worries. He worries that he might not have a friend. He worries that he might not find the bathroom on time. Most of all, he worries that he will miss his mom. Luckily, Simon's mother has a plan to make the worries go away . . .

Soldier Pigs: When Soldiers Are Guinea Pigs

by Gordon Swanson

During the 1950s, one special army quartermaster group was assigned the difficult but essential task of testing potential army materials—tests that often required putting soldiers at risk, challenging them at the top of their physical endurance, under the worst possible conditions.

The Southern Cause

by Thomas A. Daniel

In this powerful collection of over one hundred images and testimonies, award-winning photographer Thomas Daniel has documented the world of Civil War reenactors—men, women and children who recreate and relive one of the most turbulent and tragic periods in American history.

The Story of a Star

by Ginny Umlauf Banister The Story of a Star is a simple tale of how a lonely, misfit star finds his true and divine calling. This beautiful story also teaches an important lesson to both the young and old. Although we may feel different and apart from others, we are never alone, and we all have a special purpose in life.

The Sylvan

by Judy Witt

This beautiful story, illustrated with the author's mystical watercolors, revolves around a highly imaginative child named Sarah who discovers and befriends a wise, old man named Sylvania, who lives in a nearby forest. Sarah and Sylvania take the reader on their fantastical journey as they learn the secrets of life.

To Err is Human: A Collection of Forgiveness Readings

by Inez Tuck Forgiveness helps to heal wounds and build bridges. It is beneficial to a person’s health and well-being, and aids in healing the injustices and misunderstandings of life. Why, then, is it often difficult to put into practice?

When Soldiers Cried: A True Story About Vietnam

by David Shea

By the summer of 1967, the nation’s Selective Service System was fueling the largest military build-up since World War II. Hundreds of thousands of young men, many too young to legally drink and vote, were inducted to wage an ill-fated war in Vietnam.