To Err is Human: A Collection of Forgiveness Readings

by Inez Tuck


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Forgiveness helps to heal wounds and build bridges. It is beneficial to a person’s health and well-being, and aids in healing the injustices and misunderstandings of life. Why, then, is it often difficult to put into practice?

In To Err Is Human, Inez Tuck offers a collection of readings that explore forgiveness as it relates to everyday experiences. She connects forgiveness with a multitude of topics, discussing how it relates to fear, despair, racism, violence, and war; and emphasizing its importance in love, reconciliation, humility, honesty, trust, and serenity. Tuck describes forgiveness from a secular perspective, as well as how it is seen by various faiths and religions. She offers her lessons with a simplicity that allows the reader to practice the ideas, and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to becoming a forgiving person.

About the Author

Dr. Inez Tuck, professor of nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, is a therapist, entrepreneur, teacher, consultant, and researcher in the areas of health and spirituality. A native of North Carolina, she has taught nursing at major universities in the Southeast for over thirty years. She has academic degrees in nursing, business, and child development and family relations. Dr. Tuck currently conducts spiritual growth groups with persons suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses as well as with healthy adults who desire to explore their spiritual life. She is the mother of four adult children: twin daughters, one son, and a stepdaughter.