Set Down Here by Lolette Kuby

Writing with fluid grace, Lolette Kuby has accomplished in her first volume of poetry “a happy union of body, mind and spirit.” What distinguishes this collection are both Kuby’s fusion of small details with big subjects and her confessions of doubt interspersed with leaps of faith. Toned with humor and a wry observation of life, Set Down Here reinforces Kuby’s earlier nonfiction work, Faith and the Placebo Effect, offering her readers another glimpse—this time a poetic one which is both compelling and immediate—into the innate healing power of the human spirit. Although Kuby captures in her poems the sad sense of “life sailing by and the water closing behind,” more than simple resignation to the inevitable is going on here. She is proffering poems that—though grounded in realism—succeed in pointing beyond fear, death, inevitable change and strained relationships to the magic and mystery of life and love.

Praise for Set Down Here

“Lolette Kuby, in the wise, insistent, and lyrically poignant poems of Set Down Here, seeks to understand better just where she belongs, and with whom. A poet of vigorous sensibility and resonant voice finds herself moving through particular places and times, sitting across from a lover like no other, fulfilling the roles of daughter, mother, and spouse in a particular family. Out of these situations and relations, which help her know who she is, was, will be, she weaves her craft and art. These are memorable songs of longing and love. Set Down Here is a songbook composed by one who is living diligently and who celebrates the heights and depths of the human condition.”—David Citino, The News and Other Poems and The Invention of Secrecy

“The title poem of this mature and exacting collection captures its essence. It is a muted celebration of what it feels like to be ‘set down here,’ on this planet, in this place. The gaze is straightforward and unblinking. The language is powerful and exact. They are to be read and re-read for their humanity, their wisdom, their hard music.”—Robert P. Lawry, Poet and Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve University

“Lolette Kuby is a passionate and tenacious poet. Language, too, is fiercely loved—a Kuby simile branches into similes that don’t rest on their ingenuity but keep topping themselves. She’s a pleasure and a comfort, often the powerful flashlight you need in a dark wood; you’ll be glad she was set down here.”—Bonnie Jacobson, author of Stopping for Time and In Joannas House

“Kuby affords a rich and varied choice, poems of wit, of passion, of sheer force…”—Frank Polite, author of Letters of Transit, Flamingo, and Hyde, and Pushcart Prize winner

“…these poems turn the observed moment from sorrow to a conclusion of openness where joy, compassion and hope emerge unexpectedly. This voice is tough and fair; it also believes in the fact and purpose of a human soul. Throughout one receives the clear impression of a voice that has earned the right to pronounce the tales it tells. Would there were more.”—Nicholas Ranson, Editor, bits press

About the Author

Lolette Kuby lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.