Goshen Revisited by Jack and Judy Witt

In this second book on Goshen Pass, Jack and Judy Witt combine forces again to revel in their love of each other and this land along Virginia’s Maury River. They capture and share some part of their joy and inspiration while climbing and exploring the Pass through personal essays and poetry. Full-color images of Judy’s watercolor paintings and Jack’s bronze sculpture transport the reader to their favorite haunts by the waterside, playing on light and fantasy, color and texture. Goshen comes alive in these pages, eager to speak to the reader through these two artists.

Praise for Goshen Revisited

I loved the first collaborative book, Goshen. Goshen Revisited continues the enchanting journey. Being an artist is a gift, a gift enough. But being an observant artist, sensitive to the world is a gift and beyond. Combine two artists with wit, intelligence, talent and a desire to interpret what is seen, heard, felt and imagined, and you’ve got Judy and Jack Witt. Just as children see the world through eyes of amazement and wonder, they combine their talents to form a union of words, art and love.—Steve Brumfield, Manteo Booksellers

In my humble opinion, this is Jack and Judy Witt’s finest work yet. Reading this manuscript on my trip through the Smokey Mountains was so special to me. The word images this book left in my mind, describing their return to Goshen, resurfaced as I drove by the trickling mountain streams, and remembered a passage or painting from the book. Thanks to their paintings and word images, the streams, rocks and surrounding woods have new meaning for me. This book is a precious keepsake of their keen observations, love of nature, and love of each other. I will treasure it.—Constance Fahey (artist)

About the Artists

Jack Witt, author and sculptor, earned a B.A. in English fromVirginia Military University and studied painting and drawing asapprentice to Eugene Califano in Taos, New Mexico. He later earned hisM.F.A. in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Notableexamples of his work include the Bill “Bojangles” Robinson monument inRichmond, Virginia; Mr. Smedley in Richmond; and Lincoln at LincolnMemorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee. Roses are Red…and White, Jack’s collection of poetry, was published by Brandylane.

Judy Witt, author and watercolorist, earned a B.A. in Education fromLongwood College, Farmville, Virginia, and did graduate work in art atOld Dominion University. Her works include the illustration of Beautiful Painted Arrow, the biography of Native American Shaman Joseph Rael; and The Sylvan, an illustrated fable (1995). She is also co-author ofThe Center Ring,a book about therapeutic clowning and the philosophy of the Fool,(1992). Her watercolors have appeared throughout Virginia and inCalifornia and include a large installation of paintings at theCavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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