Creeping Thyme by Ron Pies, M.D.

This collection of works offers a rare journey through the poet’s experience as a psychiatrist and as a man. Each poem in this collection has its “depth, space/and flowering height,” as do the hyacinth and late tulip that Pies tends in his garden. This is a world of pain, loss, joy, and growing older, where the physician’s keen observation meets the poet’s compassionate heart, and where each line is rich with tension, music, and maturity. In these poems, there is a powerful faith in man and his ability to prevail.

About the Author

Ron Pies, M.D. was raised in Batavia, New York, educated at Cornell University and Upstate Medical Center, and currently teaches at both Tufts and Harvard Medical Schools. He has published poetry in numerous literary journals and anthologies, and has written on the therapeutic uses of poetry and the nature of poetic language. He lives in Lexington, Massachusetts with his wife, Nancy Butters.