Creeping Thyme by Ron Pies, M.D.

This collection of works offers a rare journey through the poet’s experience as a psychiatrist and as a man. Each poem in this collection has its “depth, space/and flowering height,” as do the hyacinth and late tulip that Pies tends in his garden.

Goshen Revisited by Jack and Judy Witt

In this second book on Goshen Pass, Jack and Judy Witt combine forces again to revel in their love of each other and this land along Virginia’s Maury River.

Goshen: Lessons from the River by Jack and Judy Witt

The first in a series of works by Jack and Judy Witt, Goshen: Lessons From the Rivercelebrates the natural beauty of Goshen Pass, along Virginia’s Maury River, and the powerful spiritual influence it has.

Raining Words: Poetry and Writings by Rikki Stapleton

Raining Words is a collection of selected writings from the 1960s until 2004, and like its author, this collection is an eclectic personal anthology of poems, essays, letters and jottings—observations of life and people she knew who challenged and moved her, letters, sometimes intimate, and other writings that her mother chose to collect and publish posthumously.

Set Down Here by Lolette Kuby

Writing with fluid grace, Lolette Kuby has accomplished in her first volume of poetry “a happy union of body, mind and spirit.” What distinguishes this collection are both Kuby’s fusion of small details with big subjects and her confessions of doubt interspersed with leaps of faith.

Sunset Sonata by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson’s voice resonates like a wise old teacher sharing his simple, worldly wisdom. He speaks about the natural world, the preciousness of life, and about innocence, but also about injustice, loss, human frailties, and the menace of terrorism, withholding nothing.