“Wildlife’s Greatest Connection: A Mother and Her Young” by Ken Conger

Throughout his life, award-winning wildlife photographer Ken Conger has visited dozens of national parks and wildlife refuges, documenting the candid behaviors of wildlife in their natural habitats.

A Moose’s History of North America by Walter and Frances Griggs

Walter and Frances Griggs recount North American history from early American colonies through the cold war in a clever collaboration that explores the iconic moose. With references ranging from biblical to poetic, the Griggs capture a long-forgotten side of North America--uncultivated forests, ruthless hunters, brave explorers, and heroic leaders, as well as a certain spirit of whimsy, wonder, and pride.

Early American Garden Bouquets by Julia Smith Berrall

In this expertly compiled and visually captivating history, Julia Smith Berrall traces the ever-changing relationship between Americans and their gardens from the 17th century through the Victorian era. Stroll down her garden path to traverse the distance between the utilitarian plots of the early colonial settlers and the elaborate banquet-hall centerpieces of the late 19th century.

Goshen Revisited by Jack and Judy Witt

In this second book on Goshen Pass, Jack and Judy Witt combine forces again to revel in their love of each other and this land along Virginia’s Maury River.

The Chief and I by Karen Tootelian

In the summer of 2002, writer/environmentalist Karen Tootelian began caring for the 89-year-old Chief of the Mattaponi Tribe, Webster Little Eagle Custalow. What began as her personal journals evolved into a book about their deep friendship and compassion for one another.

The Nature of Things: Stories from the Land by Rex Alphin

In these brief, introspective essays about his life as a farmer in Isle of Wight, Virginia, Alphin captures the simple moments of country life with the candor, grace and old-fashioned wit of a master storyteller.

The Woods of Wicomico by Nuala C. Galbari

During the hot, lazy days of summer, life in the woods of Wicomico is peaceful. Mukki the muskrat makes herbal teas, Cornelius the crow fruitlessly tries to take a midday nap, and young Timothy Trumble the tortoise marvels at the world around him.