Wolf at the Door by James R. Powell

“Homeland security” of the Virginia coastline was breached during World War II—or was it? In Wolf at the Door: The World War II Antisubmarine Battle for Hampton Roads, authors James R. Powell and Dr. Alan B. Flanders describe how the US Navy developed the Antisubmarine Warfare Program to assure American control of the eastern shoreline. The book includes interviews and opinions from American and German military officers, expert witnesses, and American and German veterans, including U-boat captains who led the initial attacks in 1942-1943—interviews never before published. Powell and Flanders create a compelling argument against the popular opinion that the Navy could have established an earlier, more effective defense of the East Coast.

About the Authors

James R. Powell earned his B.A. and M.A. in history, and shares his knowledge with students in Portsmouth, Virginia. Dr. Alan B. Flanders is an expert in Naval history, a prolific writer of maritime history books, and columnist on local history for the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia.

Praises for Wolf at the Door

This is a great title for the professional historian or amateur history buff.  The interviews with an comments by German U-boat captains is compelling and teaches much about the actual experiences during WWII.  What I like most about this study is that is presents more than one perspective, not only the perspective of the authors but the truth as told by men who were actually there.  Highly recommended!”

-A customer on Amazon.com

“Jim and Alan have told the story of a little known piece of World War II history.  A nice feature is telling the story from the enemy side of the coin.  Also we get a nice view of how joint military operations worked in the early years of the war.”

-Fielding Taylor on Amazon.com