Military History

Faith Beyond Belief: A Journey to Freedom by David Eberly

Faith Beyond Belief is a captivating testimony of personal faith by the senior Allied prisoner of the Gulf War. This dramatic recollection puts you in his F-15E cockpit when he was shot down in the Iraqi desert, evading the enemy, and held in the cells of Baghdad.

Patton’s Forward Observers by John Kurt Reith

More than any other military figure, General George S. Patton Jr. conjures up the image of the ultimate World War II American warrior, and even today, the Patton mystique continues to grow.

Slow Dying: The Bosnian War Prison Camp at Visoko by Milenko S. Milanovic

Following the Bosnian War and his immigration to the U.S., Serbian refugee Milenko Milanovic would awaken from horrifying dreams—vestiges of his eight-month imprisonment in the Bosnian war camp at Visoko.

Soldier Pigs: When Soldiers Are Guinea Pigs

by Gordon Swanson

During the 1950s, one special army quartermaster group was assigned the difficult but essential task of testing potential army materials—tests that often required putting soldiers at risk, challenging them at the top of their physical endurance, under the worst possible conditions.

The Southern Cause by Thomas A. Daniel

In this powerful collection of over one hundred images and testimonies, award-winning photographer Thomas Daniel has documented the world of Civil War reenactors—men, women and children who recreate and relive one of the most turbulent and tragic periods in American history.

When Soldiers Cried: A True Story About Vietnam by David Shea

By the summer of 1967, the nation’s Selective Service System was fueling the largest military build-up since World War II. Hundreds of thousands of young men, many too young to legally drink and vote, were inducted to wage an ill-fated war in Vietnam.

Wolf at the Door by James R. Powell

“Homeland security” of the Virginia coastline was breached during World War II—or was it? In Wolf at the Door: The World War II Antisubmarine Battle for Hampton Roads, authors James R. Powell and Dr. Alan B. Flanders describe how the US Navy developed the Antisubmarine Warfare Program to assure American control of the eastern shoreline.