Danger on My Doorstep: The Anita Flora Powitzer Story by Linda Schubert

“No one could be trusted. The Nazis were everywhere. Like vultures in search of prey, they were always in search of information on where Jews were hiding. A knock on the door could mean the end of our freedom or even our lives.” 

Berlin had been safe for Anita Powitzer for as long as she could remember. But when Hitler came to power, everything changed. Now policemen harmed instead of helped, and Anita couldn’t even talk to her best friend. Flung from her secure childhood into a fearful world, she and her family had to find a way to flee Berlin before it was too late. It was risky, and Anita had to be separated from her loved ones, but this was the only way out. Alone in a country with a language she didn’t understand, staying with people she had never met, Anita had to wait and hope her parents could join her. Would she and her family be safe?

A journey fraught with danger from Germany to Great Britain, and finally to America, this is the true story of one Jewish family’s escape from Nazi Berlin.


Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance, a Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has selected this title for their web-based K-12 literacy-based anti-biased curriculum, “Perspectives for a Diverse America.” This curriculum will be available beginning August 15, 2013.


Educational Program

An enrichment guide that correlates with each chapter of the book is available for $9.95 or free when a bulk order of twelve or more books are purchased.   Author Linda Schubert uses Danger on My Doorstep as a basis for her educational program to teach tolerance and anti-bullying, important subjects for our students today.  This forty-five minute session is recommended for 4th-9th graders.  Email Creative Minds Publications for information regarding programming or purchasing the enrichment guide.


About the Author 

Linda Schubert has been an early childhood and special education teacher for over three decades. She and her husband, Mitchell, have three grown children and three grandchildren. Originally from New York, they now live in Richmond, Virginia.


Praise for Danger On My Doorstep

“When Linda Schubert weaves her mother’s tale of survival and hope, my students hang onto her every word. They come away with such a positive message: we are all the same; it is who you are on the inside that counts.”

— Laura Ambrogi, elementary school reading specialist, St. Christophers School, Richmond, Virginia

Danger on My Doorstep provides a profound look into the life of a child during the terrifying years of Hitler’s rise to power. It is the poignant story of a real, relatable, flesh and blood child who lived with love, safety, fear, compassion, and resilience.”

— Kate M. Cassada, Ed.D, former middle school teacher and principal; university instructor and program coordinator for educational leadership development

Danger on My Doorstep is an informational and inspirational chapter book written for independent readers of all ages. Based on a true story, it uses pieces of history to teach lessons for today. The author teaches us compassion, tolerance, and acceptance. You will be thinking about Anita and her story long after you have finished reading.”

— Kathryn Starke, literacy specialist/CEO, Creative Minds Publications

“Richmond-area resident Linda Schubert’s young-adult historical novel “Danger on My Doorstep” is based on real events in the life of Schubert’s mother, Anita Powitzer, in 1930s Germany. The book focuses on teaching and promoting tolerance.”

— from the Richmond Times-DispatchVirginia Book Notes.  

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