A Rose for Raymonde

by Wade H. Foy


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“Here, then, I offer the account of a pair of life streams that merged: my own and that of Miss Raymonde van Laar, the beautiful and courageous lady I married, and who is my great true love.” 

So begins A Rose for Raymonde, the true story of a young Swiss nurse who immigrated to the United States and found love with a U.S. Navy Reserve officer in 1950s New York. Complete with photographs and personal letters, this book chronicles their lives before their paths crossed and after. When they met, Wade was an Annapolis and North Carolina State College graduate preparing for active duty in the Navy Reserve; Raymonde had grown up in Switzerland and France and endured the fear and privations of German occupation during World War II. The two fell in love, married and built a life together, riding out the 20th century in pursuit of their own version of the American dream.

Written by Raymonde’s husband of fifty-five years, A Rose for Raymonde is a tribute, a history and a love story of the sweetest, simplest kind. It’s a heartening reminder that true love is out there and that, once found, it can last a lifetime and longer.


Dr. Wade Hampton Foy Jr. was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946 and served two years active duty, followed by service in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State College, his master’s from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Doctor of Engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University. Over the course of his engineering career, Dr. Foy worked extensively in control system analysis and contributed to many projects, including the launch of the second U.S. satellite. He married Raymonde van Laar in 1952, and they had two children together. He is now retired and resides in Smithfield, Virginia. This is his first book.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Review August 14, 2011

Love stories can be tedious and manipulative, but sometimes one shines through with interest and honesty. One such example is “A Rose for Raymonde” (149 pages, Brandylane Publishers, $23), Richmond native and Smithfield resident Wade H. Foy’s tribute to his late wife.

Raymonde van Laar, a young Swiss nurse, immigrated to the United States and found love with Foy, a young officer in the Navy Reserve, in New York. “A Rose for Raymonde” chronicles their lives before they met, as well as their life together. Married in 1952, they were together until Raymonde’s death in 2006.

Their story is a personal one, of course, but it also exemplifies the American century, and as such makes for fascinating reading.

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Praise for A Rose for Raymonde

“This is a sweet family history of two people deeply in love. I enjoyed the story, but felt the many, many letters at the end were a bit long. The story of his life, her life and their shared life was interesting and paced well. This book makes me wish that my grandpa had written a book like this before I lost him, he adored my grandmother and I feel that his book would have been similar to this.

“Along with the story of their life, the author included things that were happening in the world, at the same time, giving you a great view of historical moments seen through the eyes of normal people. This gives the reader a better view of the world (much of the story is in letters from trips Raymonde took to Europe). Their moves, homes, friends, family, educational and occupational views, political views and everyday life are well documented in these pages.

“If you enjoy true stories of people and life, you will enjoy this book. The end brought tears to my eyes. Now if only all of us could have a love like Wade and Raymonde, think how much better life would be for everyone.”

-Austin on Amazon.com