Legends From the Frosty Sons of Thunder by William Trall Doncaster, Jr

This work examines the legends and stories of nineteenth century Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and the Old Forbes Military Road, as shaped by two unforgettable events of 1889 that have forever characterized the region and its collective imagination: the controversial Nicely brothers murder trial and the devastating Johnstown Flood.

About the Author

William Trall Doncaster, Jr. was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the son and grandson of physicians. Nevertheless, William’s early interests were in history and the humanities. Intrigued by the scholasticism and piety of Europe’s medieval monks, he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and, at the Princeton Theological Seminary, a master’s degree in theology. During his early ministry, he continued his studies in history and completed his Ph. D. at the University of Pittsburgh. Doncaster served as pastor of three Presbyterian churches in southwestern Pennsylvania, all within the shadow of the Allegheny Mountains, whose legends were to become his great interest and the subject of this book.

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