A Call to Mind: A Story of Undiagnosed Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury by Claire Galloway

"It was so easy to conclude that my son was a sensitive and dreamy child, unadept at sports. I could not see that this was yet another piece of a puzzle, the full picture of which would show an injured brain. Luke would continue to provide clues over the next ten or so years, some subtle and some quite obvious. If only we had known what to look for..."

A Live Controversy: Autism and a Family’s Determination by Joseph and Roxana Hartmann

Roxana and Joseph Hartmann’s struggle for an equal education for their autistic child is as riveting as it is heart rending. For twenty years, they fought for their son, Mark, to be included in classrooms where he would not be treated differently because of his disability.

Broken Wings: What’s Wrong With Her? by Stephanie Fortune

Broken Wings: What’s Wrong With Her? is the inspirational story of Christina Fortune, who was born with and died from complications of cerebral palsy. In her brief twenty-four years, she lived as the gentle angel her devoted mother believed her to be.

Humanizing Prostate Cancer: A Physician-Patient Perspective

by Roger E. Schultz, M.D., Physician and Alex W. Oliver, Patient

In this third edition of Humanizing Prostate Cancer, urologist Roger Schultz and prostate cancer survivor Alex W. Oliver continue their mission to help men and their families understand and cope with prostate cancer.

The Covered Smile: A True Story by Sonja Lauren

A smile is a terrible thing to hide.But a child whose teeth are missing or rotten will hesitate to show her ugly secret. She knows that her smile will elicit ridicule and astonishment, not a smile in return.