The Private War of William Styron by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Returning to his childhood home in Virginia for the funeral of his stepmother, Elizabeth Buxton Styron, acclaimed writer William Styron finds himself plunged into boyhood reminiscence. He is “Billy” again, fourteen and heartbroken, with a mother recently passed from cancer and a grieving father who has fallen in love with the head nurse at the local hospital. The impending marriage terrifies Billy, who finds his new stepmother’s strict worldview stifling to his creativity, his joy, and his hopes for the future.

“Mary Wakefield Buxton has revealed the true essence of the life of Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron in her new book, The Private War of William Styron. Because of Buxton’s close relationship to Styron, she uncovers truths we might otherwise never have known.”
—Tom Hardin, editor, Southside Sentinel

“Fans and scholars of the work of Pulitzer Prize-winner William Styron will find intensity and insight in this fictional approach to the author’s art and anguish. ‘Could a woman writer dare to get into the mind of a male writer? Could a woman tell a man’s story?’ Buxton asks. Her answer: yes, she can.”
—Bill Ruehlmann, book reviewer, the Virginian Pilot and Norfolk Ledger Star

“Mary Wakefield Buxton describes perfectly in her book The Private War of William Styron the universal struggle of that rare, non-conforming and artistic soul who must insist on following his or her own path in life, totally disregarding flak from the common herd along the way. A magnificent read from a gifted writer.”
—John Selby Spong, former rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Richmond Virginia, and author of The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic

“Mary Wakefield Buxton writes with a passion and knowledge of Bill Styron’s life that cannot be surpassed.”
—Larry Chowning, author of Barcat Skipper and staff reporter, Southside Sentinel