Love and Other Illusions by Mariah Robinson

Nominated for 2010 Library of Virginia Literary Award in Fiction

Enter the world of Jillian Barrister and those who orbit around her—Clay, David, Norma and Dr. Allison—players in a riveting drama of love and loss, happiness and anguish, innocence and guilt. It is Dr. Allison’s task to study and understand his patients through the process of analysis, and Jillian is no exception—or is she? The more deeply he probes, the closer he comes to unearthing the childhood tragedy that has isolated her from herself and others, and could topple the precarious defenses of her internal world—a fragile but guarded state of consciousness in which the past is always just beneath the surface.

About The Author

Mariah Robinson lives in Richmond, Virginia. This is her first novel.

Praise for Love and Other Illusions 

“This is a debut novel from the owner of an antiques and art store in Carytown, so don’t be surprised by all the elaborate furniture and architectural descriptions you find within. Main character Jillian Barrister is a recent divorcee and a newlywed and novelist, so the scenes are chockablock with not only furniture, but also lovemaking, analysts, gurus and high-minded frustrations. It’s like Twilight for a slightly older crowd, with some Freud and Goethe thrown in. In other words, lots of fun.”      —Belle Magazine of Richmond, VA
“Mariah Robinson Antiques in Carytown is a popular destination for lovers of things old and fine, and its owner now branches out into another field.  Robinson, who lives in Richmond, has written a first novel, Love and Other Illusions (203 pages, Brandylane Publishers, $16), which focuses on a therapist and his patients… But it’s Jillian who intrigues Dr. Allison the most, as he tries to discover the childhood tragedy that has shaped her life.”     —Virginia Book Notes, The Richmond Times Dispatch
“Firmly anchored in the rich literary traditions of the finest fiction, Mariah Robinson’s first novel, Love and Other Illusions, paints a thought-provoking and intense contemporary ‘portrait of a lady’ as it probes the depths of the anger, despair, grief, and guilt that threaten to overwhelm and destroy the novel’s central figure…”      —Mary Emily Kitterman on
“Mariah Robinson has written an extremely interesting, thought provoking novel that draws the reader into the central character’s world…. Love and Other Illusions holds the reader in its thrall from beginning to end.”      —Wallace M. Saval  on
“What a beautifully written novel. Its rich and dramatic landscape pulls you in and refuses to let go until you have finished, and then leaves you wishing for more….  A beautifully detailed masterpiece.”     —Robert Lloyd III on