A Spy Among Us by Dorothy Fleming

Set in the exotic and perilous Philippine Islands, A Spy Among Us follows the story of Major Jake (Mac) McCord, a brilliant intelligence officer commissioned by the United States Army in 1941 to capture a serial killer who has been terrorizing the small archipelago. Mac soon discovers that the killer is in fact the notorious Nazi spy Boris Meissner, who holds a deep-rooted grudge against Mac. Along the way, Mac must dig into the mind of the spy as well as reconcile his own past in order to find Meissner…before Meissner can get to him. In this gripping tale, Mac encounters trustworthy friends as well as some shrewd rivals. In the scorching streets of Manila, however, Mac comes to find that no one can be trusted. Through her own first-hand experience, former military intelligence analyst Dorothy Fleming combines intrigue, surprising twists, and romance to craft this fascinating thriller.



Dorothy Fleming was born in Iloilo, in the Visayan Island, Philippines. She began her career as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Air Force Security Service in San Antonio, Texas, and later joined the Air Force Intelligence in Washington, D.C.  Over a thirty-one year career, she continued to serve in a variety of positions in military intelligence with the Defense Intelligence Agency, also in Washington. She retired in 1980 and now writes from her home in Arlington. Ms. Fleming is working on her third novel, The Longing in the Heart, which takes place on one of the many islands off the coast of Florida.