Fiction / Literature

A Love Letter: My Y Story, My Cancer Journey By Michael Roberts

The frightening grip of cancer uncovers strengths and weaknesses within the human spirit. For Ethan Clarke, a very personal battle with the disease reveals hidden demons that had been stifling his sexual identity and his connections with others. These demons had kept him from enjoying health and happiness and from accepting the healing powers of change.

A Perfect Madness by Frank H. Marsh

It is the autumn of 1938 when Julia Kaufmann meets Erich Schmidt while studying medicine at the German University in Prague. With Hitler’s army soon to invade the city and the terror of World War II looming, it is the worst of times for a Jew and a German to fall in love. As the excitement of the eugenics movement gives way to outright genocide, and the fear sweeping across Europe grows into madness, Julia and Erich find themselves forced to travel two very different paths—ones which will determine the fate of their love and, ultimately, the fate of their souls.

A Spy Among Us by Dorothy Fleming

et in the exotic and perilous Philippine Islands, A Spy Among Us follows the story of Major Jake (Mac) McCord, a brilliant intelligence officer commissioned by the United States Army in 1941 to capture a serial killer who has been terrorizing the small archipelago. Mac soon discovers that the killer is in fact the notorious Nazi spy Boris Meissner, who holds a deep-rooted grudge against Mac.

Code Name: Kaibigan by Dorothy Fleming

Kaibigan, a novel based on real events, takes place in the closing months of World War II as the Allies advance on the Japanese-occupied Philippines. Join Lieutenant Ben Adams, weapons and demolition expert, sent by the U.S. Navy ahead of the advancing Allies.

Coyote Summer by Margo Solod

For thirteen-year-old Jessie Silva, life on Bayberry Island is at its best in the summertime. That’s when the seasonal renters return to spend their vacations on the island, bringing with them Jessie’s best friend, Amanda. This year, though, change has come to Bayberry.

Hammond’s Choice by Bob Cohen

In Hammond’s Choice, Ruth and Larry Hammond have been forced to relinquish custody of their son, Tommy, in order to obtain intensive services for his serious emotional and behavioral problems. The Hammonds turn to Marty Fenton to discover what happened the night Tommy was accused of stabbing to death Kevin Landry, another resident at Possum Ridge School.

Labyrinth of Terror by Richard P. Wenzel

Terror reigns when a string of post-op infections erupts in the sanitized halls of King’s College Hospital in London. A trio of experts—Microbiology Professor Chris Rose, Jake Evans, an American infectious disease specialist, and Elizabeth Foster, a senior agent with M15—soon realize that the offending organism is a weapon in a worldwide terrorist plot.

Last Night in Managua by James Pendleton

Two men meet for the first time deep in a Nicaraguan jungle, one an American pilot and businessman, the other a gravely wounded Guatemalan pastor whose wife has been murdered by Somoza’s henchmen. Remarkable events have brought them both to this dangerous time and place.

Love and Other Illusions by Mariah Robinson

Enter the world of Jillian Barrister and those who orbit around her—Clay, David, Norma and Dr. Allison—players in a riveting drama of love and loss, happiness and anguish, innocence and guilt. It is Dr. Allison’s task to study and understand his patients through the process of analysis, and Jillian is no exception—or is she?

Making Manna

Libby Thompson is just fourteen years old when she flees her abusive home with her newborn son, Angel. Now they must build a life for themselves on hard work and low wages, dealing with police who are sometimes helpful—but not always—and a drug dealer who is full of surprises.

Nightman by James Pendleton

“Call me the night man. That’s what I am mostly. Course, I work some in the daytime, too, cleaning houses for my special customers—nice folks who live in a pretty part of town. But mainly I work at night…I’ve got keys to more offices and homes in this town than I can count.

Sister Sorrow, Sister Joy by Mariah Robinson

Ann shakes her head as if to clear it. “What exactly are we doing here?” “We’re playing, Ann. Playing like the little lost lambs in the parable. Don’t you like to play?” “I hate being lost and I like to know what I’m playing, Maggie.” “Let us be proper or die,” Maggie teases. “Junior League to the bone.”

The Bastard Year by Richard Lee Zuras

In the company of classic coming-of-age works, Richard Zuras’s debut novel tells the story of a boy’s final year of childhood and a family’s near disintegration. When Zain’s father is fired from the CIA in March of 1980, it creates a tremor that threatens to upend the family’s precarious balance.

The Great River Disclosure by Larry Holcombe

The elegant Great River Resort along the tranquil banks of the Great Wicomico River has a closely guarded secret. The beautiful resort sits atop a highly classified government facility known only to the President of the United States, a few high level government and military leaders, and resort owner Bill Russell.

The Honeymoon Corruption By Richard Lee Zuras

It’s the early 1960s, and while the Doo-wop era is ending, racial and class prejudice is alive and thriving in the American South. In this unforgiving environment, star-crossed young lovers Althea and Guy are determined to wed—despite the objections of Althea’s disapproving and powerful father.

The Private War of William Styron by Mary Wakefield Buxton

Returning to his childhood home in Virginia for the funeral of his stepmother, Elizabeth Buxton Styron, acclaimed writer William Styron finds himself plunged into boyhood reminiscence. He is “Billy” again, fourteen and heartbroken, with a mother recently passed from cancer and a grieving father who has fallen in love with the head nurse at the local hospital.

The Sylvan by Judy Witt

This beautiful story, illustrated with the author's mystical watercolors, revolves around a highly imaginative child named Sarah who discovers and befriends a wise, old man named Sylvania, who lives in a nearby forest.

The Woods of Wicomico by Nuala Galbari

During the hot, lazy days of summer, life in the woods of Wicomico is peaceful. Mukki the muskrat makes herbal teas, Cornelius the crow fruitlessly tries to take a midday nap, and young Timothy Trumble the tortoise marvels at the world around him.