“A Better Man: True American Heroes Speak to Young Men and Women on Love, Power, Pride, and What It Really Means to Be A Man” (Second Edition) edited by Kelly Johnson

The journey from childhood to manhood is a momentous and often difficult time in every boy’s life. Never has this transition been more challenging than it is today. In addition to the perennial trials of peer pressure, hormones and popularity, young men must now grapple with a media-saturated culture that places enormous emphasis on physical appeal, material wealth and celebrity status.

A Moose’s History of North America by Walter and Frances Griggs

Walter and Frances Griggs recount North American history from early American colonies through the cold war in a clever collaboration that explores the iconic moose. With references ranging from biblical to poetic, the Griggs capture a long-forgotten side of North America--uncultivated forests, ruthless hunters, brave explorers, and heroic leaders, as well as a certain spirit of whimsy, wonder, and pride.

Neck Tales: Stories from Virginia’s Northern Neck by Thea Marshall

Join National Public Radio commentator Thea Marshall for a historic and contemporary journey through Virginia’s Northern Neck. First broadcast by Ms. Marshall on NPR, these stories paint a vivid portrait of this part of Virginia that’s a world apart—from the region’s wine, watermen and Chantey singers, to its poets, patriots, kings and citizens.

The Nature of Things: Stories from the Land by Rex Alphin

These brief, introspective essays about his life as a farmer in Isle of Wight, Virginia, Alphin captures the simple moments of country life with the candor, grace and old-fashioned wit of a master storyteller. He writes about the rich experience of being connected to the land, about the joy and beauty of the seasons, and about the importance of the small but profound moments in life overlooked by so many.