The Story of a Star

by Ginny Umlauf Banister


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The Story of a Star is a simple tale of how a lonely, misfit star finds his true and divine calling. This beautiful story also teaches an important lesson to both the young and old. Although we may feel different and apart from others, we are never alone, and we all have a special purpose in life. Like the star, one of our greatest challenges is to discover that purpose so we can bless others and ourselves.


About the Author

Ginny Umlauf Banister is an inspirational speaker, spiritual director and Stephen’s Minister.  She says that much of her desire to share this story is driven from the simple truths she encounters day after day from ordinary, yet extraordinary people. She has an inner passion for communicating to others that we all have purpose that is divinely given and often disguised. By embracing our fears and that which makes us feel different, we ultimately come to know and to understand just why we are here. Ginny lives in Richmond, Virginia.

About the Illustrator

Carla Anne Schaaf’s love of drawing and painting goes back to her early childhood. She was influenced by her father who also loved to draw and paint. From 1969 to 1970 Carla was an avid art student in Virginia Commonwealth University’s Art Foundation Program. She draws and paints custom pet portraits and wrote and illustrated her first book, In the Company of CATS, published in 2003.


Praise for The Story of a Star

“A friend had recommended this book as a gift to my niece. What I didn’t expect was the affect it would have on me. I found the story to be both simple and timeless. The illustrations are beautiful – totally capturing the essence of the tale. For me, it spoke to the unexpected journey and purpose that lies within all of us. And I liked the author’s voice – it was true and authentic. The book is a gem and it will be the ‘star’ of my holiday gift list!!”     -Elizabeth Dominey on
“I was looking for a gift for my grandchildren that would teach and inspire. I found it. This book was it. It is now their favorite and the one they ask me to be read to them when they are over. What a wonderfully inspiring story and the illustrations are marvelous.”     -William G. Sweeney on