The Sea Hunt by Anna Burger

What’s the weirdest sea creature you’ve ever seen? Did it have fins, or tentacles, or a shell?  Did it wriggle, or skitter, or stay still as a rock?  Did it sting, or cling, or hide?

Join young explorers Jack and Jenny as they hunt for strangeness in the Chesapeake Bay.  Together you’ll discover just how weird, wild, and wonderful a salt-water world can be!

About the Author

Anna Burger lives with her husband and two young sons on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. She grew up on Onancock Creek, where she received her first boat at age twelve and learned how to crab and fish from her father and grandfather. Anna is also the author of Pea Soup and the Seafood Feast, published in 2016.

About the Illustrator

Laura Craig is an artist and mother of two, currently living in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Raised on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and still a frequent visitor, she has fond childhood memories of time spent by the Chesapeake Bay. Depicting the scenery and the wildlife of that special place, in order to share it with young readers, was a project near and dear to her heart. Laura also illustrated Pea Soup and the Seafood Feast (2016) by Anna Burger.