Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside?

by Terri Sebastian; Illustrated by Buttons Boggs


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Do Spiders Need Leggins When it’s Cold Outside?  is a bedtime story book full of animals and pirates.  Along with the spider that needs leggins, author Terri Sebastian introduces readers to a silly old polka dot cat, a lady moose all dressed in red, and the pirate that lives in a closet inside a shoe with his crewmate, a little brown mouse.

Terri wrote each story in this book in response to her son, Ryan’s childhood questions.  “Mom, what do spiders do when it’s cold outside?” was the one that started it all.  After Ryan died just before his sixteenth birthday, Terri decided to collect these stories as a way to honor him.  Ryan’s memory is carried on not only by this book and these stories, but also by the five people whose lives he saved by being an organ donor.

Reading these stories not only explains how spiders keep warm or how the pirate who lives in your shoe stays busy at night, but how a legacy of giving can keep the world safe and dreaming.

About the Author

Terri Sebastian was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her father played on the opposing team that traveled with the Harlem Globetrotters, and her mother was an opera singer with the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company. Terri took a less glamorous road and pursued a teaching career. She earned a master’s degree in education at the University of Illinois. Terri recently retired after thirty years in the education field. She now enjoys spending time with her “boys” (two 150lb. German Shepherds) in a log cabin, deep in the woods, which she, her son, and her husband built.

About the Illustrator

Buttons Boggs is an illustrator, portrait painter, muralist, sculptor, writer and book artist. She has been an artist/writer-in-residence in schools in King William County, Petersburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Richmond. She is the author and illustrator of Noah and the Ark as told by Unkle Ernie. Some of the books she’s illustrated include Lily of St. Lukes: the Blessing of the Animals written by Fran Olsen, River Rats written by Ralph Christopher, and The Monarch’s Feast, from the family and friends of the Mary Munford School. She has a daughter, Belle, son, Sky, and son-in-law, Richard. She lives in beautiful downtown Walkerton, Virginia with her husband Terry, dogs Maggi and Griffin, a very old cat, Mischief, and an adopted feral colony of Hemingway cats: Portia, Mewls, Cheese, Omar, Layla, and Graycie.


Praise for Do Spiders Need Leggins When it’s Cold Outside? 

Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside? by Terri Sebastian, is a delightful collection of fun and imaginative stories for and about a sleepy child’s most dreaded subject: Beddy-bye time!”

-Rita Hubbard, Picture Book Depot.

“Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside? is a bedtime book full of wonderful silly ideas, stories, sayings, pictures, and questions. It was inspired by questions asked by author Terri Sebastian’s son Ryan as he was growing up. Sadly, Ryan died before he reached age 16, but his incredible spirit lives in this memorable children’s book. In addition, Ryan’s legacy survives in the five individuals who received his organ donations. Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside? has an irrepressible spirit that is fully expressed by the whimsical, colorful illustrations. Perhaps the best part of the book is at the end, when the author writes ‘When you look up at the night sky, remember Ryan’s gifts.’ Last of all, in her Afterword, she writes, ‘Tell your children you love them every day.'”

-Midwest Book Review


“This is a beautifully written and illustrated collection of short bedtime stories by a mom for her beloved son. The author has given us fun, creative answers to childhood questions in an incredible tribute to childhood curiosity. These stories are a tribute that will be loved by generations of children, allowing the author’s son’s memory and gifts to live on.”

-A Fellow Educator and Mother on


“This book has a collection of short stories that are all adorable. All of my nieces and nephews loved hearing these stories. I love that this is actually a story written by a mom for her son.”

-K. Seeterlin on