Coco’s Number Nightmare by Georgie E. Hanlin

Coco loves almost everything about third grade—except math! Coco’s friends adore playing multiplication games, which only makes her feel worse about math. After struggling with homework and losing a game in front of her whole class, Coco feels humiliated and has a TERRIBLE nightmare! In the dream, the Multiplication Monster laughs an evil laugh and attacks her in front of her classmates when she answers a problem wrong.

Find out how Coco overcomes her fear of math, gets rid of the malicious Multiplication Monster, and learns the value of a teacher who believes in her.

About the Author

Georgie Edwards Hanlin was born and raised in San Francisco where she attended Katherine Delmar Burke School and The Branson School. She has a bachelor’s degree from Scripps College and spent her junior year abroad studying in Paris. Georgie has a master’s degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She is the coauthor of Benchmark, a young adult novel. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times/International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The San Francisco Chronicle, and NPR. Georgie has worked as an educator, both as a classroom teacher and as an administrator, her entire adult life.

About the Illustrator

Maegan Penley knew from the beginning she was destined to make art, but it wasn’t until the day her parents found scribbles on the walls throughout their house that they realized the inevitable and bought Maegan her first drawing book. She now lives in Georgia with her husband and two dogs, and can often be seen jogging around her neighborhood with the dogs in tow, distractedly looking at trees, plants, bugs, and animals. She really, really likes stories.