Bubble Duck and Bubble Duck Does Hockey by Teresa Pistole


Join Bubble Duck on his first adventures as he learns not to litter, plays ice hockey and makes new friends!

“It’s a funny book!”—Abby Gatlin, age 6

“The hockey story is really good!”—Mitchell Mielnik, age 8

“I like it when the bubble gum pops on his face!”—Anna Gatlin, age 4

About the Authors

Teresa Pistole and husband Larry live with their two sons, Alex and Tyler, and seven dogs in St. Stephens Church, Virginia, where the family is currently restoring an old home. Alex will complete his high school education in 2008, and Teresa helps to maintain the antique business she and her husband began together in 1983. They often visit relatives in nearby West Point who shared the true life story of Bubble Duck. Alex was urged to create an illustration of this imaginary character and brought Bubble Duck to life with computer animation. Teresa fashioned the text, and Bubble Duck has been “quacking” ever since. Teresa and Alex hope readers of all ages will enjoy the humble humor and candid lessons Bubble Duck has to share.