Children’s Books

Bubble Duck and Bubble Duck Does Hockey by Teresa Pistole

Join Bubble Duck on his first adventures as he learns not to litter, plays ice hockey and makes new friends!

Coco’s Number Nightmare by Georgie E. Hanlin

Coco loves almost everything about third grade—except math! Coco’s friends adore playing multiplication games, which only makes her feel worse about math. After struggling with homework and losing a game in front of her whole class, Coco feels humiliated and has a TERRIBLE nightmare! In the dream, the Multiplication Monster laughs an evil laugh and attacks her in front of her classmates when she answers a problem wrong. Find out how Coco overcomes her fear of math, gets rid of the malicious Multiplication Monster, and learns the value of a teacher who believes in her.

Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside?

by Terri Sebastian

This bedtime story book is full of animals and pirates. Along with the spider that needs leggins, author Terri Sebastian introduces readers to a silly old polka dot cat, a lady moose all dressed in red, and the pirate that lives in a closet inside a shoe with his crewmate, a little brown mouse.

Remembering for Both of Us by Charlotte Wood

Tasha loves her grandfather, and she knows that PaPa loves her. But lately, PaPa has begun to forget things. He’s often confused and upset. Sometimes, he doesn’t even recognize his own family. How can Tasha’s grandmother help her see that while PaPa is changing, his love for Tasha has not?

Simon and the Worry Watch

by Susan M. Brown

Simon is excited about his first day of preschool, but he is also a little bit worried! All day long, Simon worries. He worries that he might not have a friend. He worries that he might not find the bathroom on time. Most of all, he worries that he will miss his mom. Luckily, Simon's mother has a plan to make the worries go away . . .

The Sea Hunt by Anna Burger

What’s the weirdest sea creature you’ve ever seen? Did it have fins, or tentacles, or a shell? Did it wriggle, or skitter, or stay still as a rock? Did it sting, or cling, or hide?

The Story of a Star

by Ginny Umlauf Banister The Story of a Star is a simple tale of how a lonely, misfit star finds his true and divine calling. This beautiful story also teaches an important lesson to both the young and old. Although we may feel different and apart from others, we are never alone, and we all have a special purpose in life.

What’s Under That Rock, Papa? by Dave Bauer

When Serea and Kai spend a weekend at their Grammy and Papa’s home, it’s always a time of discovery and fun! Join them as they encounter the wonders of backyard nature, from the microcosm of life under rocks and compost piles, to the joy of learning why thunder sounds scary and rain clouds are black.