“A Better Man: True American Heroes Speak to Young Men and Women on Love, Power, Pride, and What It Really Means to Be A Man” (Second Edition) edited by Kelly Johnson

The journey from childhood to manhood is a momentous and often difficult time in every boy’s life. Never has this transition been more challenging than it is today. In addition to the perennial trials of peer pressure, hormones and popularity, young men must now grapple with a media-saturated culture that places enormous emphasis on physical appeal, material wealth and celebrity status.

A Call to Mind: A Story of Undiagnosed Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury by Claire Galloway

"It was so easy to conclude that my son was a sensitive and dreamy child, unadept at sports. I could not see that this was yet another piece of a puzzle, the full picture of which would show an injured brain. Luke would continue to provide clues over the next ten or so years, some subtle and some quite obvious. If only we had known what to look for..."

A Live Controversy: Autism and a Family’s Determination By Joseph and Roxana Hartmann

Roxana and Joseph Hartmann’s struggle for an equal education for their autistic child is as riveting as it is heart rending. For twenty years, they fought for their son, Mark, to be included in classrooms where he would not be treated differently because of his disability.

A Rose for Raymonde by Wade H. Foy

So begins A Rose for Raymonde, the true story of a young Swiss nurse who immigrated to the United States and found love with a U.S. Navy Reserve officer in 1950s New York. Complete with photographs and personal letters, this book chronicles their lives before their paths crossed and after.

Danger on My Doorstep: The Anita Flora Powitzer Story by Linda Schubert

Berlin had been safe for Anita Powitzer for as long as she could remember. But when Hitler came to power, everything changed. Now policemen harmed instead of helped, and Anita couldn’t even talk to her best friend. Flung from her secure childhood into a fearful world, she and her family had to find a way to flee Berlin before it was too late.

Neck Tales: Stories from Virginia’s Northern Neck by Thea Marshall

Join National Public Radio commentator Thea Marshall for a historic and contemporary journey through Virginia’s Northern Neck. First broadcast by Ms. Marshall on NPR, these stories paint a vivid portrait of this part of Virginia that’s a world apart—from the region’s wine, watermen and Chantey singers, to its poets, patriots, kings and citizens.

Patton’s Forward Observers by John Kurt Reith

More than any other military figure, General George S. Patton Jr. conjures up the image of the ultimate World War II American warrior, and even today, the Patton mystique continues to grow. Despite his renowned egotism, Patton understood that it was the blood of his soldiers that earned the glory attributed to him. Patton’s Forward Observers is told by a unique collection of highly trained artillery observers who fought every step of the war with Patton’s famed Third Army.

The Chief and I by Karen Tootelian

Summer of 2002, writer/environmentalist Karen Tootelian began caring for the 89-year-old Chief of the Mattaponi Tribe, Webster Little Eagle Custalow. What began as her personal journals evolved into a book about their deep friendship and compassion for one another.

The Life of “P”: A Memoir of a Mother and a Nurse by Lee Rice

The Life of “P” is the memoir of a mother and a nurse—an unsung hero from a small town in Virginia’s historic Northern Neck whose personal struggles, courage and heroic sacrifice should be remembered.