Early American Garden Bouquets

by Julia Smith Berrall

In this expertly compiled and visually captivating history, Julia Smith Berrall traces the ever-changing relationship between Americans and their gardens from the 17th century through the Victorian era.

Goshen Revisited by Jack & Judy Witt

In this second book on Goshen Pass, Jack and Judy Witt combine forces again to revel in their love of each other and this land along Virginia’s Maury River.

Goshen: Lessons from the River by Jack & Judy Witt

The first in a series of works by Jack and Judy Witt, Goshen: Lessons From the River celebrates the natural beauty of Goshen Pass, along Virginia’s Maury River, and the powerful spiritual influence which this place has had upon their art and their lives.

The Woods of Wicomico by Nuala C. Galbari

During the hot, lazy days of summer, life in the woods of Wicomico is peaceful. Mukki the muskrat makes herbal teas, Cornelius the crow fruitlessly tries to take a midday nap, and young Timothy Trumble the tortoise marvels at the world around him. But when humans plan to build a new development in their woodland, the community of animals springs into action to save their homes.